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CurlClock - A Curling Competition Clock

Updated 11/12/2012

When timing during curling competitions, I was frustrated using small clocks that were hard to use, hard to read, easy to accidentally reset, and just weren't designed to the needs of timing curling matches. So I wrote my own. This clock has been used successfully in Washington State curling championships,USCA regional competition, and other competitions across the country. Now you're welcome to use it too!


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Designed specifically to accommodate USCA and WCF game timing requirements
  • Fully customizable (colors, names, times)
  • Ability to save your customized settings


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What's New

Version 1.5
Clock now displays marker showing which clock is running. Also added Practice Clock for timing pre-game practice session. (Press "P")
Version 1.4
Updated time defaults for extra ends based on June 2011 WCF changes. (9-minutes per extra end, 8 for mixed doubles, 10 for wheelchair curling).
Improved issues with clock keys accidentally "locking up" if someone bumps the touchpad on a laptop.
Version 1.3
Updated time defaults for extra ends based on June 2010 WCF changes.
Version 1.2
Added game selection menu. Now properly handles timing differences based on game selected.

Download: CurlClock.zip v1.5 (Windows XP/Vista/7)

Documentation: CurlClockQuickReference.doc (also included in download above)

Free to use, free to distribute. A service to the curling community!

Suggestions? Comments? Let me know what you think. E-mail me: joe (-at-) curlclock.com